Adelaide’s emerging indie-rock scene is blowing up

Adelaide is having a moment. Maybe it’s the sweet wine regions, the recently-departed lime scooters or the result of having a church on every corner. Whatever it is, there’s something about Adelaide that’s inspiring a hectic new wave of indie-rock artists and we are here for it. 

Between the Crown & Anchor, Exeter Hotel, The Gov and the newly-renovated Lion Arts Factory, Adelaide’s music community is pouring time, money and attention into its local scene, and it’s quickly paying off. 

Make time to check out these Adelaide-based artists and book yourself a moderately-priced Jetstar flight immediately: 

Sleep Talk

We’re sure it’s equal parts excitement and complete tension in the Sleep Talk camp right now, having freshly released their debut full-length, ‘Everything In Colour’ on UNFD. By the end of this initial tour cycle, which includes shows with label-mates Ocean Grove, the five-piece have the promise to be stepping into some pretty big things. The strength of the record suggests they could make it happen. 

Madura Green

Having recently played with Basement and The Story So Far in Adelaide, Madura Green are quickly coming up as the city’s hottest pop punk offering. Theirs is a light, airy and super infectious take on the sound that’s equally reminiscent of Tigers Jaw and Title Fight. 


Already a firm favourite among their fellow Radeladians, colourblind confidently merge influences from punk, indie, hardcore and shoegaze, having released their EP ‘Move Like You’ last November. 


Pemberton pair American-inspired emo with melodic punk to create an authentic Australian sound, meeting somewhere between Ceres, Bugs, The Wonder Years.


If you dig bouncy emo-tinged indie, then this fun-loving two-piece are for you. Check out their latest single ‘Safe To Say’ and strap in for the infectious ride. 

Pinkish Blu

Self-described as alternative sad pop, Pinkish Blu currently have just two songs on Spotify but their shimmer of 1975-esque charm suggests they could make a lasting impact.


This Adelaide quartet are offering up alternative dream pop by drawing influences from post-hardcore and contemporary pop. It’s relatively early on but their buzz is quickly building. 

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Adelaide’s emerging indie-rock scene is blowing up
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