Alexisonfire commit ‘Familiar Drugs’ to VHS

Alexisonfire teamed up with longtime collaborate Michael Maxxis for this new video for ‘Familiar Drugs’.

Paying homage to old punk documentaries and videos from the ’70s and ’80s, Maxxies shot the whole thing on VHS and camera phones. 

They also threw another character into the mix, with Maxxies explaining, “I thought it would be cool to put a very normal woman in this tight space with Alexisonfire performing.”

“She represents the withdrawn and disinterested sales force that is out there moving product to make a buck – regardless of what it is. She doesn’t give a shit about this band or their music – maybe she even thinks it’s stupid. There’s no passion there, so she stands miserably in the background. A nice metaphor for life I think.”

Check out Alexisonfire’s new video for ‘Familiar Drugs’ above.

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Alexisonfire commit ‘Familiar Drugs’ to VHS
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