Ben Barlow & Matt West unveil Lovers, tattoo shop & brand

Ben Barlow & Matt West unveil Lovers, tattoo shop & brand

Neck Deep members Ben Barlow and Matt West have unveiled their new tattoo shop and brand, Lovers, opening in Chester, UK. 

Barlow and West have teamed up with tattoo artist Lee Cawley to launch the new brand, which they announced by dropping a fresh batch of shop merch. 

Unveiling the brand on Facebook, West said, “Been super busy the past 6 weeks or so getting set up with our new tattoo shop @loverschester. We loved the name so much that we decided to create a brand based around it. Very happy excited to have one of my best friends @benisneckdeep on board with myself and @leecawleytattoo.”

Barlow spoke to PRESS recently about his favourite tattoo artists and his own tattoo collection to date:

“I have a few people on my list that I’m dying to get tattooed by. Steve Byrne (@steve_byrne_tattoo) is my favourite tattooer, he’s obviously huge and it’s an obvious choice but it’s undeniable how good he is. I’m a big fan of @Greggletron at the minute, he’s awesome. Rich Hadley, who I’m lucky did my chest, and there’s a guy called @jimmie_tatts down in Bristol and @Marcosattwood is his mate as well. Those dudes in the UK are some of my favourites. Robert Ryan as well, and @koji_ichimaru is another dude I’m dying to get a tattoo by.

“I filled up super quick between the age of 18 and 20, and got a ton of stuff done. It’s not that I don’t like them, there’s definitely some that I wish I would have thought out a little more, but that’s kind of the point of tattooing. You kind of realise that everyone gets a shitty tattoo. You learn from it and it, literally, becomes a part of you. Not everyone likes every feature on their body and everyone gets a tattoo that they don’t like at some point. You realise after a while that, yeah, getting tattooed is about having a good tattoo and them looking good, but for the most part you don’t need a meaning for a lot of your tattoos.

“Because we do travel so much then it’s a perfect opportunity for me to get tattooed by all these people. If I was just at home with a regular job, I’d have nowhere near as many tattoos as I’ve got and I would never even be considering getting a tattoo from someone like Steve Byrne.”

Read the full interview with Ben Barlow here.

Check out Lovers on Instagram @loverschester.

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Ben Barlow & Matt West unveil Lovers, tattoo shop & brand
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