The most anticipated heavy artists of 2019 (new and not-so-new)

2019 promises to be a defining year for modern rock and metal. The presence of Bring Me The Horizon at the top of album charts can’t be ignored, and there’s enough evidence to say heavy artists are adopting more mainstream elements more now, than ever. But the mainstream is also increasingly smitten with real rock ‘n’ roll. Pop artists are flirting with bigger live bands, rap artists are still sampling iconic rock tracks and the crossover in culture and fashion means genres are merging.

Keeping our focus on the world of heavy music for now, here are the artists set to be making the most noise in 2019.

Some are new (Pagan, The Regrettes), some familiar (Knocked Loose, SWMRS) and others are damn right legendary (Slipknot, Deftones).


Emerging as the most exciting new live band we set eyes on in 2018, Pagan are slamming on the gas in 2019. With their new management team based in both Australia and the UK, the sizzling Melbourne quartet are taking their cult global this year.

Knocked Loose

Oldham County’s Knocked Loose have been the hottest new thing in hardcore since dropping their debut album ‘Laugh Tracks’ in 2016, but 2019 is the year they step it up and get serious. Expect to see them continuing the same rigorous tour schedule which initially earned them their kudos among peers.


‘Evil’, ‘ridiculous’, ‘dark’ and ‘vicious’ have been the words of choice when Corey Taylor describes the forthcoming material from Slipknot. Considering the iconic Iowa outfit have hardly had an understated past, it’s safe to expect something truly gruesome when the record drops mid-2019. 

The Regrettes

Out of LA, this catchy quartet do clean pop rock with a sneering lyrical bite. ‘Poor Boy’ is the perfect example of how The Regrettes are using punchy punk energy to ensure everyone’s listening to what they have to say.

Bring Me The Horizon

Unofficially referred to as the record everyone knew was coming but no one was ready for, Bring Me The Horizon are levitating above the pack since charting at number #1 with ‘amo’. 2019 is already their year, but don’t expect them to rest on their laurels when we’re only two months in.


Deftones are releasing new music at somewhat this year and frankly that’s all we need to know. Following in the dazed footsteps of 2016’s ‘Gore’, no number of cryptic Instagram posts could dampen our excitement for this next release.


There was heaps of hype around Baroness when they unleashed their 2016 breakthrough album ‘Purple’ and rightly so. Now with new shredder, Gina Gleason, in tow, their  sound could evolve by cosmic proportions. 

The Struts

Want to talk about shimmering rock ‘n’ roll with a classic feel-good edge? We may as well just talk about The Struts. When half of their Australian tour with Greta Van Fleet fell through (due to illness), the UK four-piece stepped up with some of the sweatiest live shows we’ve seen outside of the city Lido.


SWMRS are smart, sassy and prime for a sing-along. Formed in Oakland, SWMRS have been testing the waters since 2016, but their recent single ‘Trashbag Baby’ finally offers a right time, right place scenario they can come good on.

Keep an eye on the latest news and album releases. 

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The most anticipated heavy artists of 2019 (new and not-so-new)
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