We’re seven months into 2019 and there’s been a consistently heavy flow of new music soundtracking the year to date, including career-defining records from Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes, PUP and SWMRS.

With that in mind, and because we’re feeling more inspired to write this now than we were last month, we’ve rounded up some of our favourite heavy records of 2019 so far. 

Obviously Slipknot are releasing a new album on 9th August, so whatever we say here will be void after that drops. Also Knocked Loose. But whatever, these are all great too.

Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes – ‘End of Suffering’

We called it the Rattlesnakes’ most captivating album yet’, with Frank Carter and Dean Richardson stirring up a melting pot of full-bodied rock and roll ecstasy.

The Damned Things, ‘High Crimes’

‘High Crimes’ is a thrill from start to finish with The Damned Things (featuring members of Anthrax, Fall Out Boy and Every Time I Die) making fast-paced punk rock that’s beautifully produced and laced in big riffs and light-hearted humour. 

Employed To Serve, ‘Eternal Forward Motion’ 

This record simply cements what a force Employed To Serve are. Any more words and we’re wasting time, just listen, again and again. 

PUP, ‘Morbid Stuff’

Setting the tone for the demise of late-20 somethings everywhere, we said PUP’s poetic storytelling and sarcastic sing-alongs have you laughing in the face of fear and anxiety’ and it’s still very much the case, hahahahah, etc. 

Bring Me The Horizon, ‘amo’

On the unavoidable success of ‘amo’, we said ‘‘Instead of letting things go stale on album six, Bring Me The Horizon have remained one step ahead of the evolution, allowing them to trail-blaze a genre that once held them down and emerge triumphant from a scene that otherwise says stagnant’.

While She Sleeps, ‘So What?’

On this beast of a fourth full-length, we said, Unsettled, untrustworthy and unstable; the focus is fixed on the fragmented landscape they found themselves in while writing, utilising their self-built Sleeps Audio studio complex in Sheffield as an escape to record.’ 

SWMRS, ‘Berkeley’s On Fire’

Fresh out of Oakland, California, we hailed this glorious record for its carnival-like charisma, fused with effortless technical ability and delivered as a smart and sassy style of punk-rock

Frank Iero And The Future Violents, ‘Barriers’

It’s a good year when Frank Iero brings out new music and under the new banner of The Future Violents, the former MCR guitarist is having the time of his life. 

Ithaca, ‘The Language of Injury’

If you haven’t heard The Language of Injury yet then call a stop to whatever you’re doing and slam on this blistering British debut. It’s relentless, experimental hardcore with heart and soul. 

Fever 333, ‘Strength In Numb333rs’

The community that Fever 333 have built through their second album is nothing short of impre333ive. Keeping the heat firming on in the aftermath of their 2018’s ‘Made An America’, the threesome (comprising members of letlive., Night Verses and The Chariot) use music to create positive momentum around important conversations and real causes. 

As for our hotly anticipated, there’s new albums coming from Korn, Northlane, Killswitch Engage, Slipknot, The Menzingers, Knocked Loose and (probably) Tool.

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